Conquering the world of Fleet management by Mobile Applications

With the advancement of technology, today world has shrinked to your mobile. Today more and more people are using mobile phones. A recent study by Microsoft Tag shows that there are over 4 billion mobile phones across world. Out of these, whopping 1.08 mobile phones are smart phone user. Mobile application technology can be used in any creative way we want and is a big boost for business due to its reach. Logistics and fleet management is no different. Logistics and information technology are connecting people worldwide. Together, both can shrink the distance. Fleet management service providers are utilizing this technology for their advantage.

Fleet management industry is expected to reach $30.45 billion by 2018 at CGAR of 22.8% according to report of markets and markets. Numerous technological advancements are helping fleet managers to track their vehicles smartly and intelligently and improve their operational efficiencies. Changing economic parameters and increasing competition are forcing fleet managers to opt for customized fleet management system. A fleet management system customized according to your need can help you excel operationally and financially by reducing cost marginally. At Attensa Software we understand your requirements and work closely to help you reach targets.

Today Global Positioning System (GPS) is the most common used technology in fleet management. Vehicle tracking system is one of the basic requisite. It can help user to track their fleet in real time. It is very important for fleet manager to obtain real time data of each vehicle. Through sophisticated systems of Attensa Software, one can obtain real time data as per requirement. Monitoring of speed, fuel, carbon emissions, distance travelled, time duration, breakage reports, route violations, over speed violations becomes uncomplicated now. These sophisticated apps also may help fleet managers through snail trails of each vehicle.

Operational excellence is achieved through integrated management system. For managing fleet, maintenance plays a very important part. Untimely breakage can cause financial losses and hamper performances. Solutions by Attensa software can help onsite maintenance of your fleet. In case of breakage, driver has to fill accident and breakage detail form on site and fed into system. Vehicle can be diverted to nearest petrol pump or garage according to postal code. Fleet managers can even receive regular updates for servicing vehicle wise.

Mobile App technology can be exploited even for cargo tracking. This system will help you to track consignment at each and every step with regular updates. Customers can also receive updated status of their consignment and acknowledge once received using specially designed mobile application.

Fleet management is considered backbone of majority of companies. These operations have to seamless. Hence route scheduling is very important aspect of fleet management. Specially customized applications can update driver about the shortest route to reach its next destination according to KMs and traffic congestion. Fleet manager will have real time data of available vehicle and drivers to schedule next trip. This data can be processed further for business analysis also. Attensa software has expertise in analytical reports. These reports are modeled to suit your interest and require.

These systems are boon for public transport, logistics, school buses, cab services and emergency services. Devices are installed in each vehicle through which signals are received by mobile tower. These signals are further processed and end user receives alerts and information through mobile applications, SMS, e-mail. The entire system is shown pictorially.

Technology when customized according to one’s need can result into greater efficiencies. We at Attensa Software understand this and help you reach your peak.

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Written by: Maulee Desai
Marketing Executive
Attensa Software